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***Grad Photos are on pause due to the provincial lockdown.***

Online bookings are now once again available so students can set their grad photo appointment times. Because of the COVID situation, there is no walk-in business this year. Booking times at the school are being offered between 8 am until 3:30.  Please only book on your cohort day. It is therefore very important that students go to and enter in school code RYC to see the list of available dates and times.  Please see the posters around the school for more information. See Mr. Milne if you have any questions. 


Full Remote Learning and eLearning students can contact Edge Imaging to make an appointment, or can sign up for an in school photo shoot, but must choose a time between 2:40- 3:30 pm.  If one chooses to come to the school, the student must complete the Covid screening before the student comes to the school and must sign in at the main office using the QR code.

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