School Council

SDCI School Council meets a minimum of 4 times per school year, in the library and is comprised of parent members and the principal.  All parents, guardians, students, staff and community members are welcome to attend the meetings.

The School Council does not fundraise, however may access funds made available by the Ministry of Education for parent engagement activities.

We have been working on improved information sharing between home and school and are focused on increasing parent engagement at the secondary school level for greater student achievement and well-being.


  • Dana Parsons, chair
  • Kim Oliver
  • Elisha Kehoe
  • Alison Furness
  • Julie Hodgins
  • LInda Denning
  • Diane McGuire
  • Steph Hambides, principal

Online School Council Resources

School Council Policy

School Council Procedures

Ministry of Education School Council Handbook


 Meeting Minutes for April 2019
 Click here for April 8th Minutes
 Meeting Minutes for September 2019
 Click here for September Minutes



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